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Boys Athletic Director: Mike Chipman

Email: mchipman@paragouldschools.net

Paragould High School
1701 W. Court St.
Paragould, AR 72450

Phone: (870) 240-2271
Fax: (870) 240-2263

Sr. Gym: 6021
Jr. Gym: 5016 
Football: 6020, after 1:30 p.m.

Girls Athletic Director: Sonja Tate

Email: state@paragouldschools.net

Paragould High School
1701 W. Court St.
Paragould, AR 72450

Phone: (870) 240-2271
Fax: (870) 240-2263

Sr. Gym: 6009 
Jr. Gym: 5017

If you need help getting to our facility, view the Driving Directions.

coaching staff


Sr. Head Coach: Michael Sloas, msloas@paragouldschools.net
Sr. Assistant Coaches: Luke Brewer, Roger Hollis, Scott Morgan, Dakota Weatherley

Jr. Head Coach: Robbie Mosley, rmosley@paragouldschools.net
Jr. Assistant Coaches: Corbitt Cooper, Tyler Hayes, Tyler Hestand

7th Grade Head Coach: Robbie Mosley, rmosley@paragouldschools.net
7th Grade Assistant Coaches: Luke Brewer, Corbitt Cooper, Tyler Hayes, Tyler Hestand, Michael Sloas

Boys Basketball

Sr. Head Coach: Jace Watson, jwatson@paragouldschools.net
Sr. Assistant Coaches: Aaron Ferguson, Tim Lamb

Jr. Head Coach: Zach Roddenberry, zroddenberry@paragouldschools.net
Jr. Assistant Coach: Jacob Giles

7th Grade Head Coach: Jacob Giles, jgiles@paragouldschools.net
7th Grade Assistant Coach: Jace Watson


Sr. Head Coach: Sonja Tate, state@paragouldschools.net
Sr. Assistant Coaches: Mandy Beliew, Caleb Williams

Jr. Head Coach: Amanda Milligan, amilligan@paragouldschools.net
Jr. Assistant Coach: Kelly Stewart

7th Grade Head Coach: Kelly Stewart, kstewart@paragouldschools.net
7th Grade Assistant Coach: Sonja Tate


Sr. Head Coach: Reed Fogleman, rfogleman@paragouldschools.net
Sr. Assistant Coaches: Audra Nailling, Chandler Weber

Jr. Head Coach: Chandler Weber, cweber@paragouldschools.net
Jr. Assistant Coaches: Reed Fogleman, Audra Nailling

7th Grade Head Coach: Audra Nailling, anailling@paragouldschools.net
7th Grade Assistant Coach: Reed Fogleman


Head Coach: Logan Keener, lkeener@paragouldschools.net

Cross Country

Head Coach: Tim Norman, tnorman@paragouldschools.net
Assistant Coach: Zach Roddenberry


Head Coach: Jace Watson, jwatson@paragouldschools.net


Sr. Boys Head Coach: Robbie Mosley, rmosley@paragouldschools.net
Sr. Girls Head Coach: Amanda Milligan, amilligan@paragouldschools.net

Jr. Boys Head Coach: Michael Sloas, msloas@paragouldschools.net
Jr. Girls Head Coach: Michael Sloas, msloas@paraoguldschools.net


Head Coach: Dakota Weatherley, dweatherley@paragouldschools.net
Assistant Coaches: Corbitt Cooper, Jacob Giles


Head Coach: Marty Williford, mwilliford@paragouldschools.net
Assistant Coach: Amy Glenn


Jr. and Sr. Head Coach: Lantha Garmrath, lgarmrath@paragouldschools.net


Jr. and Sr. Head Coach: Jennifer Wallace, jwallace@paragouldschools.net