The recipient will be an individual whose primary purpose, through their participation in the cheer/dance teams, has been to support other athletes at various team events with their outstanding support and school spirit. The recipients of the Ram Spirit Award have demonstrated exemplary school spirit and support for our athletes. The recipient must be a SENIOR who is actively involved in the cheer squad or the dance team. The recipient must have the respect of their individual team sponsor.

The recipient will be presented a loving cup type trophy at the annual awards assembly at the closing of the school year or at the PHS All Sports Banquet.

This award was created by the Paragould Athletic Booster Club and first given at the end of the 2006-2007 school year.

2006-2007 Carly Brasher

2007-2008 Bekah Eno

2008-2009 Cat Singleton

2009-2010 Madison Ward

2010-2011 Callie Mosley

2011-2012 Hannah Moore

2012-2013 Katie Blankenship

2013-2014 Mary Katheryn Brengard

2014-2015 Hannah Clark

2015-2016 Jayna Sayre

2016-2017 Jessica Hill

2017-2018 Bailey Mangrum


The Jim Bevill Outstanding Athlete Award was first awarded in 1975. The award is based solely on the athletic performance of the athlete. The selection committee is made up of several coaches, members of the booster club, the Athletic Director, and the High School Principal. Currently, there are 5 former winners of this award coaching in the PHS Athletic Department.

1974-75 Jay Morgan1997-98 Erin Collier, Josh Butler
1975-76 Todd Dudley1998-99 Brooke Shelby, Josh Butler
1976-77 Tommy Shewmaker1999-00 Erin Collier, Evan Elmore
1977-78 Bill Pyland2000-01 Brandi Getson, Caleb Williams
1978-79 Tim Morris2001-02 Brandi Getson, Scott Carpino
1979-80 Ross Whitney2002-03 Chastan Denning, Joseph Cockrum
1980-81 Jerry Wilson2003-04 Julie Bishop, Zach Noel
1981-82 Keith Crook2004-05 Nikki Mitchell, Seth Mitchell
1982-83 Bebo McDaniel2005-06 Mikka Jaggers, Chris Stidham
1983-84 Miles Harvey2006-07 Mikka Jaggers, Alex Garmrath
1984-85 Stacey McPherson2007-08 Rachel Winn, Alex Garmrath
1985-86 Steve Fischer2008-09 Jessica Greene, Tyler Arnold
1986-87 Jay Robertson2009-10 Chance Sugg, Jessica Greene
1987-88 Drew Guinn, Dana Holsten2010-11 Chance Sugg, Jessica Greene
1988-89 Scott Wright, Lisa Beasley2011-12 Cheyenne Mauldin & Chace Garner
1989-90 Lane McMurray, Lana Taylor2012-13 Dexter Thompson and Carson Gill
1990-91 Kyle Harris, Kelly Cooper2013-14 Sydney Layrock and Chase Brittingham
1991-92 Nathan Newby, Suzanne Brazil2014-15 Braxton Burnside and Brandon Clifford
1992-93 Jeremy Arnhart, Jenna Cunningham2015-16 Braxton Burnside and Brandon Clifford
1993-94 Lance Beasley, Mandy Cox2016-17 Zoey Beasley, Joby DaVault, and Derek Shollenbarger
1994-95 Blake Swindle, Sonya Reddick2017-18 Zoey Beasley and Derek Shollenbarger
1995-96 Michael Tucker, Laura Bost
1996-97 Brett Tritch, Leah Crossno


The Ted Rand sportsmanship award is given annually to a Senior Athlete that demonstrates Leadership, Sportsmanship, a positive attitude, and their dedication to the team, school, and community. A committee of coaches, booster club members, classroom teachers, and the Athletic Director vote each year to select the winner. There are 7 former winners of this award currently working for the Paragould School District and 4 former winners who are curently teaching and coaching in the district.This award was first given to Stan Brummett on April 22nd, 1969.
1968-69 Stan Brummett1993-94 Brian Lane, Amy Gaston
1969-70 Mickey Higgins1994-95 Brian Franks, Tanya Clifford
1970-71 Phil Williams1995-96 Teddy Joe Wiggington, Ginger Morten
1971-72 Donald “Butch” Williams1996-97 Andy McPherson, Holly Pitcher
1972-73 Jerry Wicker1997-98 Jon Landrum, Amanda Dugger
1973-74 Faron Rogers1998-99 Jason Vangilder, Julia Bachelor
1974-75 Billy Fisher, Jay Morgan, Keith Wineland and Hal Wyatt1999-00 Steven Morey, Sarah Meier
1975-76 Todd Dudley2000-01 Evan Elmore, Cassie Brandon
1976-77 Barry Davis2001-02 Craig Johnson, Libby Swindle
1977-78 Barry Adams2002-03 Andy Schatzley, Lauren Ford
1978-79 Jeff Holifield2003-04 Zach Noel, Julie Bishop
1979-80 Mike Stephenson2004-05 Tyler Garmrath, Whitney Wells
1980-81 Kendall Smith2005-06 Blake Ward, Casey Schatzley
1981-82 Phil Wilson2006-07 Spencer Exum, Kayci Felts
1982-83 Kenny Reynolds2007-08 Kelsey Reely, Whitney Stewart
1983-84 Theresa Smith2008-09 Michael Dicus, Rachel Holder
1984-85 Todd Paynter2009-10 Trent Wooldridge, Kobi Smith
1985-86 Michelle Holmes2010-11 Dylan Bateman, Chandler Gill
1986-87 Rob Ratton2011-12: Morgan Tripod & Aaron Duty
1987-88 Chris McSpadden2012-13: Noah Tullos and Carson Gill
1988-89 Jeff Wood2013-14 Sydney Layrock and Blake Bales
1989-90 Mardy Holmes, Lana Taylor2014-15 Audra Nailling and Dylan Hoggard
1990-91 David Sutton, Melissa Sellars2015-16 Karlee Midgett and Brandon Clifford
1991-92 Aaron Rooney, Rebecca Sample2016-17 Kelli Baldwin and Collin Kingston
1992-93 Russ Swindle, Kathy Britt2017-18 Megan Holmes and Caden Loyd